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Long Island Accident Attorney: 7 Most Common Questions after a Car Accident

Long Island Accident Attorney: 7 Most Common Questions after a Car Accident

Having accurate information helps you make educated decisions when dealing with legal issues. At The Law Office of Joseph J. Perrini, III, our Long Island car accident lawyer is dedicated to fully informing injury victims.

Here, we have answered some of the most common questions by car accident victims.

1. What Should I Do Right After a Long Island Car Accident?

The moments after a car accident are important. You need to make sure you seek medical treatment and document the accident.

Some of the other steps to take after an accident include the following:

  • Move your vehicle to somewhere safe. If you can, move your vehicle out of the flow of traffic. If you cannot move your vehicle, at least protect yourself and your passengers.
  • Seek medical treatment. Evaluate yourself and your passengers for injuries and seek medical treatment if needed.
  • Contact the police. In some situations, you must call the police if you are involved in an accident. The police will create a report with all the incident details, which you can use when you file a compensation claim.
  • Gather evidence from the scene. Write down the names and contact information of everyone involved and witnesses to the incident. You should also get insurance information from the person who hit you.
  • Take photos and videos of the accident scene. Taking photos and videos of the accident scene and your injuries will help you with your accident case.
  • Let your insurance company know about the accident. If you do not notify your car insurance company immediately, it may cause you to lose your coverage.
  • Contact a car accident lawyer. You should call our office as soon as you can after an accident.

2. Do I Need a Long Island Car Accident Lawyer?

You will likely be at a significant disadvantage if you decide to represent yourself after a car accident. It is important to have a skilled attorney at your side to ensure you get the best outcome possible for your case.

A quality and experienced attorney will fight for your rights and have a track record of success. At our law office, we have helped car accident victims recover millions in compensation for their injuries and losses.

3. Who Will Cover My Medical Costs and Lost Wages After a Long Island Car Accident?

New York is a no-fault state. This means you will file a claim with your insurance company first. Your insurance provider will pay for your medical costs and lost wages (usually up to $50,000), depending on your policy limits.

However, if your costs exceed this, you can file a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance. Our legal team can help you determine your rights and if this is necessary.

4. Can I Pursue Compensation for My Injuries if I Was Partly Negligent for the Accident?

New York follows a contributory negligence law. The law does not prevent you from seeking compensation from another party, even if you were partly at fault for the incident.

However, if you are found to be partly at fault, the compensation you can recover is reduced by your percentage of fault.

5. Is There a Time Limit on How Long I Can File a Claim?

In most car accident cases, you have three years to file a lawsuit after a car accident, which is called the statute of limitations. While you have three years, you should not wait this long to pursue compensation.

It is best to contact a lawyer immediately after the accident. The longer your lawyer has to gather evidence and work on your case, the more likely it will be successful.

6. Should I Accept a Settlement for My Car Accident Case?

After a car accident, you may receive a settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. However, most insurance offers are much lower than what you deserve. Accepting a settlement offer at this point means you will likely have accident-related costs that are not covered. The insurance company aims to get you to settle for less than you deserve. After you sign the offer, you lose the right to take further legal action.

You must speak to an attorney who can evaluate your accident’s evidence and information to determine its true value. This will ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

7. How Much Money Can I Receive From My Car Accident Lawsuit?

In some states, there is a limit or “cap” on the damages you can receive. This is not the case in New York. You can file a lawsuit and request any amount of damages. While this is true, it does not mean that you will receive what you request.

The damages you are granted depend on the situation, evidence, and how well your attorney argues your case.

8. How Are Pain and Suffering Calculated in My Car Accident Case?

No strict formula is used for calculating pain and suffering in a car accident case. It can be challenging to put a dollar amount on someone’s personal anguish, loss of enjoyment, disfigurement, or embarrassment.

You need an attorney who can fight for you and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Let Our Long Island Car Accident Attorney Help with Your Claim

After an accident, it is not unusual to have several questions. Our legal team has answered some of the most commonly asked questions to help you know what to expect.

You can also contact our office to schedule a free consultation and discuss your situation. At The Law Office of Joseph J. Perrini, III, our Long Island car accident attorney can help protect your rights.

We understand how confusing the aftermath of a car accident can be. With our help, you can have full confidence that you will recover the compensation you deserve.

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